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WKTL Judge Certification Test

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WKTL Certified Judges are held to the highest standard in understanding and implementing our rules when overseeing sanctioned events such as leagues, tournaments, qualifiers, and more. Certified Judges allow venues to organize and run these sanctioned events to the highest standards and best practices.

  • Certified by WKTL 
  • Up-to-date with the latest rules & changes
  • Able to officially run WKTL sanctioned Leagues
  • Have the ability to help in WKTL sanctioned Tournaments, including the World Knife Throwing Championship
  • Have a deep understanding of the rules
  • Can conduct Qualifying Throws (Open & Closed) for Major and Televised Tournaments
  • Able to renew or up-date the Certified Judge standing in future years when rule changes occur
  • Serve as a substitute that may assist other venues in hosting Leagues or Tournaments